Felipe Sierra

Founder & Gold Seal CFI​

             Carlos Azuero

   Advance Ground Instructor



After years of flying and working as a flight instructor, I have witnessed how  many flight schools have lost  the vision on flight training, caring only about the  business side of things. Forgetting about the students and staff members, overprice training, poor customer service, bad maintenance, promises that are not kept, unmotivated and underpaid flight instructors.

That's why I decided to begin my journey with Fly Smart Pilot Training back in August 2011,  to bring humanity and passion back to flight training.

Flight schools and  flight instructors have the most important role in the aviation community, we are the backbone of the aviation system.


At Fly Smart Pilot Training, we will make sure you feel at home, you will receive first class costumer service and flight training.

We are a group of experience flight instructors committed to our students, with one-on-one training programs designed to be accesible and affordable to anyone.

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding adventures in life. Flying is our passion, the passion we convey to our students; a passion that is reflected in our planes, our staff, and our training.

Together, we will build a solid foundation for your aviation career. Let us conquer the sky together; we will treat you with respect and honesty, We will help you pursue and achieve your goals.

If flight is your dream, never give up. There is more than one path to the stars... Fly Smart.

Felipe Sierra.

    Lauren Brown                CFI 


   Elizabeth Mitchell



    Abraham Eldajjani

          CFI & CFII  


               Bruna Maia

Director of Business Development


        Chris Perez

         CFI & CFII


  Miroslaw Zembrzuski

          CFI & CFII

         Keith Lawhorn

  Director of Maintenance 


    Michael Mellado

         CFI & CFII    


           Fatih Dag

           CFI & CFII


         Renel Azulphar

      A & P Mechanic I.A