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Try This! Taxi an airplane to the runway, call out final checklist and then takeoff to an exciting  flight over beautiful Orlando, Florida.

Oh, did we mention you get to fly the airplane too?

Challenging, incredibly exhilarating, and yes even mind expanding.

Call us today and join us for a Venture Flight Experience! also Known as our "Vfe"   

Your First Flight Lesson will include:

-Orientation on how to choose a flight school,

prices and requirements for various pilot licenses

-A hands-On aircraft orientation, education, and  preflight procedures.

-A guided lesson on how to taxi and takeoff.

-An exciting 30-40 minutes flight over beautiful Orlando area.

-We will fly close to Disney Springs, Epcot Center, Sea World, Universal Studios, and downtown Orlando.

-It is You Flying the Airplane! under the guidance of your instructor.

Give us a call to reserve your flight  1-407-556-5003



Add $20 per passenger, up to 2 people per flight.

The total combined weight of three people cannot exceed 420lbs.

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